Daftar Istilah Aplikasi Whatsapp

  1. Admin: The person with management privileges in a Whatsapp group, who can add or remove participants and change group settings.
  2. Archive Chat: Hiding a chat from the main chat list without deleting it. Archived chats can be accessed later if needed.
  3. Archive: Saving messages or chats in a separate folder to store the conversation history.
  4. Arsip: Menyimpan pesan atau chat dalam folder terpisah untuk menyimpan riwayat percakapan.
  5. Backup: A backup of chat data that can be used to restore conversation history if needed.
  6. Backup: Cadangan data chat yang dapat digunakan untuk mengembalikan riwayat percakapan jika perlu.
  7. Block: Restricting someone from communicating with you through Whatsapp.
  8. Blokir: Membatasi seseorang dari komunikasi dengan Anda melalui Whatsapp.
  9. Broadcast List: Sending a message to multiple contacts without creating a group, maintaining individual responses.
  10. Broadcast Message: Sending a message to multiple contacts without revealing the recipients to each other.
  11. Broadcast: Sending a message or media to multiple contacts without opening a group.
  12. Business Account: An account type for businesses to use Whatsapp for business-related communication with customers.
  13. Chat Backup: Creating a copy of chat history, media, and settings that can be restored when switching devices or reinstalling Whatsapp.
  14. Chat: A conversation between two or more people within the Whatsapp application.
  15. Chat: Percakapan antara dua orang atau lebih dalam aplikasi Whatsapp.
  16. Contact Blocked: Preventing a specific contact from communicating with you on Whatsapp.
  17. Contact Info: The information and details of a Whatsapp user, including name, number, and profile picture.
  18. Copy: Duplicating text or media to use elsewhere within the app or other applications.
  19. Delete for Everyone: A feature that allows users to delete a sent message from both their device and the recipient’s device within a certain time frame.
  20. Diketik: Indikator bahwa pengguna lain sedang mengetik pesan.
  21. Disappearing Messages: A feature that automatically deletes messages after a set period, enhancing privacy.
  22. Emoticons: Also known as emojis, these are small icons used to express emotions, feelings, or ideas in chat messages.
  23. Encryption: The process of encoding messages to ensure privacy and security during transmission.
  24. End-to-End Encryption: A security measure that encrypts messages on the sender’s device and decrypts them only on the recipient’s device, making them inaccessible to anyone else.
  25. Exit: Leaving a group and no longer receiving messages from it.
  26. Fingerprint Lock: A security feature that allows users to lock their Whatsapp with their device’s fingerprint sensor.
  27. Forward: Sharing a received message or media with another contact or group.
  28. Group Description: A brief text description of the purpose or topic of a Whatsapp group.
  29. Group Invitation Link: A link generated by the group admin that allows others to join the group by clicking on it.
  30. Group: A collection of people who can communicate together in one chat.
  31. Grup: Kumpulan orang yang bisa berkomunikasi dalam satu chat bersama.
  32. Keluar: Meninggalkan grup dan tidak lagi menerima pesan darinya.
  33. Kirim: Tindakan mengirimkan pesan atau media ke kontak atau grup.
  34. Last Seen: The timestamp indicating the last time a user was active or seen online on Whatsapp.
  35. Location Sharing: Sending your real-time location to a contact or group for a specific period.
  36. Mark: Tagging a message or media for future reference or as an important read.
  37. Message Info: Accessing information about when a message was delivered, read, or played in the case of audio files.
  38. Message: The content of text, images, or other media sent or received in a chat.
  39. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Sending and receiving multimedia messages, such as pictures, videos, and audio files through Whatsapp.
  40. mute: Temporarily silencing notifications from a specific chat or group.
  41. Pengaturan Privasi: Pengaturan untuk mengontrol siapa yang bisa melihat informasi Anda dalam aplikasi Whatsapp.
  42. Pengguna: Seseorang yang memiliki akun Whatsapp dan menggunakan aplikasi tersebut.
  43. Pesan: Isi teks, gambar, atau media lain yang dikirim atau diterima dalam chat.
  44. Pinned Chats: Keeping specific chats at the top of the chat list for easy access.
  45. Privacy Settings: Settings to control who can see your information within the Whatsapp application.
  46. Profile Picture (DP – Display Picture): The image displayed on your Whatsapp profile for your contacts to see.
  47. Read Receipts: Also known as blue ticks, indicating that the recipient has read your message.
  48. Read Receipts: Indicating that a message has been read by the recipient.
  49. Receive: The action of getting a message or media from a contact or group.
  50. Report Spam: Reporting and blocking spam or unsolicited messages from unknown contacts.
  51. Salin: Menyalin teks atau media untuk digunakan di tempat lain dalam aplikasi atau aplikasi lainnya.
  52. Send: The action of transmitting a message or media to a contact or group.
  53. Siaran: Pengiriman pesan atau media ke banyak kontak tanpa membuka grup.
  54. Status Privacy: Setting who can see your Whatsapp status updates, like “My Contacts,” “My Contacts Except,” or “Only Share With.”
  55. Status Viewed By: Seeing a list of contacts who viewed your Whatsapp status update.
  56. Status: A short message or image that can be uploaded as a profile update for all contacts to see.
  57. Status: Pesan singkat atau gambar yang bisa diunggah sebagai pembaruan profil untuk semua kontak melihat.
  58. Sticker Packs: Collections of multiple stickers that users can download and use in their chats.
  59. Stickers: Images or animations that can be sent as messages to express feelings or emotions.
  60. Stiker: Gambar atau animasi yang bisa dikirim sebagai pesan untuk mengekspresikan perasaan atau emosi.
  61. Suara: Fitur panggilan suara untuk berbicara dengan pengguna lain melalui Whatsapp.
  62. Tandai sebagai dibaca: Menandai pesan yang telah dibaca oleh penerima.
  63. Tandai: Menandai pesan atau media untuk referensi lebih lanjut atau sebagai bacaan penting.
  64. Terima: Tindakan menerima pesan atau media dari kontak atau grup.
  65. Two-Factor Authentication: Adding an extra layer of security by requiring a verification code in addition to the password during login.
  66. Two-Step Verification: An extra layer of security where users set up a PIN or password to prevent unauthorized access to their Whatsapp account.
  67. Typing: An indicator that another user is currently typing a message.
  68. User: Someone who has a Whatsapp account and uses the application.
  69. Video Call: Making video calls using the internet through Whatsapp’s video call feature.
  70. Video: A video call feature to talk to another user through Whatsapp with video display.
  71. Video: Fitur panggilan video untuk berbicara dengan pengguna lain melalui Whatsapp dengan tampilan video.
  72. Voice Call: Making phone calls using the internet through Whatsapp’s voice call feature.
  73. Voice Notes: Sending short audio recordings as messages in a chat.
  74. Voice: A voice call feature to talk to another user through Whatsapp.
  75. WhatsApp Business API: An interface for larger businesses to integrate Whatsapp into their customer support and communication systems.
  76. WhatsApp Business: A separate app for businesses to connect with customers, providing additional features for business communication.
  77. Whatsapp Call: Making phone calls using Whatsapp’s internet-based calling feature.
  78. Whatsapp Web/Desktop: The web and desktop versions of Whatsapp that allow users to access their chats on a computer browser or application.
  79. WhatsApp Web: The web version of Whatsapp that allows users to access their messages and chats through a web browser on their computer.

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